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Bolobek Garden Lover_s Fair 2019-18.jpg

Our 2022 Stallholders


Each year we host a fantastic selection of stallholders from all across Australia.

Pots, Plants, Accessories, Homewares, Produce, Food & Drink are all wonderfully showcased. Not to mention the knowledge and tips on hand to be shared!


We're proud to have hosted the following stallholders at our 2022 event.

View our 2023 Stallholders HERE

Bolobek Garden Lover_s Fair 2019-2.jpg
Open Gardens Victoria
Macedon Nursery Garden Supplies 2022-07-07-04677.jpg
Macedon Nursery & Garden Supplies
Alameda Homestead Nursery.jpeg
Alameda Homestead Nursery
Australian Bulb Company.png
Australian Bulb Company
Rare Bulb Specialist
Barefoot Gardener.png
Barefoot Gardener
Bulbs & Unusual Plants
Botanica World Discoveries.jpeg
Botanica World Discoveries
Botanical Treasures Nursery.png
Botanical Treasures Nursery
Cottage Plants
FD Ryan Toolmakers.jpeg
FD Ryan Toolmakers
Steph Goss.jpeg
Fruitta (Steph Goss Art)
Picture 1.jpg
Garden Keepers Australia
Cottage Plants
Post Office Farm Nursery.jpeg
Post Office Farm Nursery
Di's Delightful Plants.jpg
Di's Delightful Plants (Romantic Nursery)
RSY Plants.png
RSY Plants 
Specialty Clivias.png
Specialty Cliveas
Treasured Perennials 
rare, unusual and hard to find perennials
Victorian Salvia Study Group.jpeg
Victorian Salvia Study Group
Picture 1.jpg
Wired for Living
Bolobek Garden Lover_s Fair 2019-78.jpg
The Mud Room
Author and Garden Plan Designer
Diaco's Garden Nursery
Screen Shot 2022-08-07 at 1.36.36 pm.png
Corry Marketing
Tools 2 WP secateurs and loppers
Charlie Aquilina.jpg
Charlie Aquilina
Camellias Victoria Inc
Bolobek Garden Lover_s Fair 2019-25.jpg
Autumn Joy & Botanical Treasures
Rare plants, perennials, trees and shrubs
Chris England
Fifty Shades of Hosta
Hosta and Streptocarpus
Gardening with Fairies
Monstera Australia
The Flower Press
Botanic Paper, cards and Art. 
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